Saturday, November 22, 2014

Pulawski Was Right About Casella Contract

Ken O’Brien

At Monday’s Town Council meeting Councilor Clemence added an item to the agenda relating to the landfill reimbursement receipt study,  the so-called MFN clause of the town’s contract with Casella. That clause calls for a review of the contract every seven years from the effective date of the contract so that Southbridge will receive the highest compensation from its arrangement with Casella.

As he had previously, citizen John Pulawski protested the action. He argued that with the closing of numerous landfills around the state in the coming year the town was acting prematurely.

He also argued that the side letter signed between former interim Town Manager John Healey and Casella had set the effective date of the contract a year later than was being assumed by the Town Council.

I am not going into the merits of the debate over the issue of whether the town would receive more through postponement of the review at this time. What I will do is show that Mr. Pulawski is correct in his assertion regarding the effective date of the contract as illustrated by the copy of the side letter reproduced below.


  1. Arrogance or IgnoranceNovember 22, 2014 at 7:44 PM

    This makes zero sense. Why do you and a unelected citizen know more about the contract than the Councilors and the manager?
    What was the actual vote? Councilor Vecchia should have known the effective date from memory. He isn't going to save us any money with even a 2% budget cut by locking in prices when low. If we were selling oil would we rush to lock in current prices?
    Councilor Manna tried to have a vote on meeting with the school committee even though it was not on the agenda. JP claimed he'd have brought more speakers is this study was on the Agenda. Hlas the open meeting law changed?

  2. Any Negative ReasonNovember 22, 2014 at 9:43 PM

    This guy suddenly moves into town 6 years ago to supposibly stop the landfill and back then he was complaining about possibility stomach cancer as if he some kind if Dr. and he didn't want the landfill at all and now he is bein all negative that we supposibly might for no apparent reason get higher fees like over 400 thousand dollars like he is an accountant. And now he wants the landfill. Ha ha. Rite.


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