Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Southbridge School Committee Meeting - April 8,2014

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  1. Did I miss something? What was the issue with delays in regard to the 2014-15 school calendar?

  2. Short of a public apology these words are insincere.
    It certain appears that it was the Sc intention to do this all along!
    I for one do not believe a word said by this chair. You did it - own it!
    If it truly wasn't intended why didn't you stop it ? You had a gavel. It was your responsible for meeting decorum both in the audience and up at the dais. You failed and
    Since you have cause irreparable harm, intended or not, why didn't you apologize?
    Perhaps guidance should send the video to the tv channels so they won't give you anymore airtime.Misuse of power lessons to our youth can easily be seen on local tv , you tube etc. without driving to Boston to make a point.
    To our Youth - Don't do this to others and remember to BE A PEACE BUILDER !
    March 25th will go down as the districts ultimate tipping point.
    Its Kaput!

  3. Perhaps the next presentation should be on what we make our students pledge to do.
    Then the Sc can recite this before every meeting as a reminder.

    Peace Builders Pledge
    I am a Peace Builder.
    I Pledge . . .
    To praise People
    To give up put downs
    To seek wise people
    To notice and speak up about hurts I have caused
    To right wrongs
    To help others
    I will build peace at home, at school, and in my community each day.

    Are these only insincere words too!

  4. wasn't McLoughlin the one complaining about this blog calling her names? Then she sits there and let's her pals blind side staff members, roam the halls of our schools, etc.
    Woody is starting to good.
    Happy Jack Jovan is starting to look super.

  5. Enough with the bring back Jovan. It's old already. Bring on the State.

  6. I case you may have missed them there are some interesting posts on the April 4 article Fact Checking the Chairpetson

    1. People can keep up with all comments, regardless of the post that they are attached to, by subscribing to comments in the right hand column (just above the Cinemagic link).

  7. Well the mindless spending continues. Must posted: SIMS clerk, another central office fluff position. $$$$$$

    French teacher sought all year, finally hot one this week, lasted one day. Yup, things are getting better. Who hired this teacher? Was it those previous administrations who " did nothing for ten years?". That bonanza on Torrey Road cost us 75 milliln . How did Buzz and the girls do that do fast.

    Nimbetkow is selling snake oil and the the Blueberries are buying it all - with our money andy kids future. Election time can't get Herr soon enough!.

    French teacher 1 DAY !

  8. I just read an ADC for a guidance counselor atthe middle school. I hhope it's to replace Cathy Hatch.

    1. It is to replace Nick Hoffman. His last day is April 29th.

    2. Is this the guy who received an apology from the chair saying we didn't mean you. Funny thing is he never read the report and the only one that did was Kathy Hatch so hatch bashers get your facts straight and Hoffman take your lonely unearned apology with you to where else you are going.
      The SC was Buffaloed again. I'm going to need an abacus to keep track of all their mistakes.

  9. Ozone man. Its true about the French teacher. The school has been trying to fill this position since Dec. 2013. A new teacher started this week and lasted 1 day because of the horrible behavior. I know because my daughter is in that French 1 class!!! Well we know the problem, its the teachers fault Blah Blah Blah!!

  10. This is for anyone who wants to listen. Why are school officials allowing students with severe mental issues to remain at the new middle/high school? Accoring to my son a student with these issues has over the course of the last two years threatened to physically harm other students. He just goes nuts! Today he snapped in the weight room
    WEIGHT ROOM ! Whats someone like that doing in the weight room! Oh I forgot to mention he is also on the football team, I know because my son plays football. Well anyway three police cruisers had to come to the school to bring order. Thank god for quick actions of the assisstant principal Mr.Cakase. This student must be placed outside the district for his well-being and the well-being of other students and teachers. I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!!!

    1. Special needs students are entitled to an equal education, not necessarily in the same setting. These external settings traditionally cost more, especially for transportation. Just watch Buzz's chats at the last few school committee meetings brag about buying a van to save dollars.

      The reality is the district has squandered so much money in the last two years, they can not afford to meet the educational needs of our children.

      However, even before educational needs, the district needs to meet the safety needs of those in that school.

      It had been well reported on the blogs, less so in the local media, that safety had been an issue at the new school since it opened. Our school committee disagrees, as was evidenced again at this weeks committee meeting. "Everything is Beautiful, in Your Own World!"

    2. Perhaps the child was upset because his French tea her left!

    3. I understand that the superintendent wanted to help out at the incident, but his only flight option was the red-eye from CA.

  11. To anonymos, Its called LIBERALISM! Everyone is entitled to an education and has to go to college.

    1. Did anyone tell the guidance department that the students were supposed to go to college?


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