Sunday, February 12, 2012

Why Southbridge Needs Change!

Ken O’Brien
The absolute first priority of any community is the welfare of its citizens.
The ruling majority on the Southbridge town council is answerable to a higher authority – and you can rest assured that it is not the same authority featured in the famous advertisement for Kosher hot dogs.
That higher authority is the economic interest of those who would plunder our town by making it the largest garbage dump in the state, an inflated town bureaucracy that serves to re-elect councilors that take care of their interests, and a council majority attempting to insulate their coopted town manager from removal by changing the charter instituted mandate that a majority of those elected by the people have a voice.

But nothing makes a a more stark illustration of the condescension and dismissal of the needs of the people than the contemptuous behavior of the council following the appearance of a local citizen with real needs.
I am grateful to Mike Marketti for the opportunity to share this video with you.


  1. aka Jester

    Welcome Southbridge's New Leaders:

    "The Magnificent Three":


  2. good results. who's the new town clerk?


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