Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Boiling Down Rumors

Speculation is palpable regarding the executive session meeting being held tonight by the Southbridge school committee regarding the future of Superintendent Eric Ely who has been put on administrative leave regarding a charge of misconduct.

Reporting on rumors is a very tricky business as one of my blogger colleagues noted in August.

Nevertheless there are competing strains which boil down to two recurring themes. 

First, the allegation of misconduct apparently relates to supposed electronic communications from the Superintendent to a female, purportedly a teacher, which would amount to sexual harassment. I have been accused in unpublished comments of having copies of such communications and withholding them. This is not true, and even if I did have them I would require substantial verification of their authenticity before making them public. As such this can be regarded as nothing more than a rumor.

Second is an allegation, which the same blogger cleverly characterized in a post today, that the Superintendent was “set up” by a conspiracy among his detractors.

I have received numerous comments relating to these competing rumors, none of which I have published. In my opinion they cross the line into being potentially libelous.

What I did do was to turn the content of several of these comments over to Mr. Ely, along with the header information I received that may indicate their source. I did indicate to him that I was in no position to pass judgment on his guilt or innocence. Rather, if he was innocent of the allegations, then his attorney should have access to information of a potentially criminal conspiracy that might exculpate Mr. Ely.

I subsequently learned that an email alleging the conspiracy that was identical to the one I had received had been sent to all school committee members as well as to Mr. Ely. This would seem to be the basis of my colleague’s “parable” earlier today.

Whether any of these rumors are true is open to investigation and certainly to being totally repudiated.  Whatever the case, they are further evidence of the Byzantine political environment in which we are immersed.

Whatever differences may exist between me and other commentators, I hope that we share the objective of finding the truth. 

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  1. I see that the petition to have the state take over our schools has finally gotten over 100 signatures. Never mind that they had to get people from Brookfield, Lynn and even Pennsylvania to sign it.


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