Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Breaking News: Southbridge Town Manager Wants a New Employee

Ken O’Brien
I now have it confirmed by reliable sources within town hall that the town manager has come up with plans for a new position (paid for, presumably, with your tax dollars) that will also reward someone who (in my opinion) showed substantial kindness to the administration in the past.
The proposal will be to create a part-time director (or whatever title) for the town recreation committee.
Now, in the first place, the town recreation committee is in somewhat of a legal limbo. The current town bylaws, last revised on October 3rd, 2011 says about this committee:
Section 3-215 Recreation Committee
What does that mean?
They’ve reserved a space for a supposed Recreation Committee, but there is no further evidence that it was ever approved or that it actually exists.
Nevertheless, as I noted above, the town manager is planning to propose a part-time person to run this non-committee. Additionally, the current plan is to recommend an annual salary, stipend or whatever, of $8,000 per year.
Finally, the same sources confirm that the candidate that the town manager has in mind to recommend is Walter Bird, former Editor of the Southbridge Evening News.
Isn’t it reassuring to know that while other governmental entities throughout the nation are experiencing draconian austerity measures, we have the resources to continue to grow our town government?

Get on the bandwagon now! Submit your suggestion for a new town job that you are uniquely qualified to fill, along with your loyalty pledge to: Town Manager, Town Hall, 41 Elm Street, Southbridge, MA, 01550. An equal opportunity employer, but remember, some are more equal than others.
Those unfriended on Facebook by Chris Clark, Cathy Nikolla, or Denise Clemence need not apply.



  1. I want to be the VP of The Town Managers staff, for an annual stipend of $155,000, plus benefits.

    5 hours a week should be enough.

  2. Geez Maybe I should apply, I was chairperson of this committee before...I could use the extra cash and you don't have to be a town resident do you

  3. George:
    Why not?
    Most of our managers are out of towners.
    What would you need for a travel allowance? I’m sure we can spring for, at a minimum, first class air travel. Of course, in emergency situations (e.g. a sprained ankle on the soccer field) a private jet would be justified.

  4. P.S. If you take the private jet, pray that you don't have to worry about bird strikes at the Southbridge Airport due to the landfill.
    But then again, can a jet land there?

  5. Since there doesn't appear to be any bylaw creating this committee, and since a bylaw must have three readings as dictated by the town charter, it would appear that it will be over a month and a half before the town mangler can even officially propose this new hire.

  6. Stephanie J DeMartinoJanuary 27, 2012 at 4:45 PM

    George, you can fly up with Denise. I'm sure she'll claim it as a tax deduction somehow.

  7. I only fly on my brother's helicopter, while I'm busy selling caulk removal tools.

  8. well I think that I could claim it as a tax deduction but maybe the town would cover the cost of this important postion during these diffcult times..I wouldnt want to come in by jet I would want to use a prop type plane to chop up all the birds that are around...and I wouldnt want to use the grass strip either as its been decommission for some time and not safe. but maybe I could jump in. all I can say is good luck folks if you dony go out and vote no one to blame but yourself.


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