Friday, January 27, 2012

Southbridge Residents Being Suffocated By Sewerage

Ken O’Brien
One of the most overlooked aspects of January 23rd’s town council meeting was related to agenda item number 9. That agenda item read:
“Vote to appropriate the sum of $69,403.03 from Sewer Retained Earnings to Wastewater Treatment facility Upgrades project Fund 380.”
While the motion itself was not controversial, the exchange between councilor Conrad Vandal and the town manager relative to this item warranted more attention.
As background, the agenda item related to a final settlement of a dispute between the town and their contractors Weston & Sampson and Camp, Dresser and McKee for the completion of the over $9 million upgrade of the town’s wastewater treatment facility.
In response to an inquiry by councilor Vandal to explain the item, the following exchange took place:
Town manager Clark; “In terms of the available balance in the sewer enterprise account, we have $1,772,398 in the account to do that [pay the settlement] and, this past year alone, we actually added in $396,983 - so we are running a surplus.”
Councilor Vandal; “That’s plus the $1 million 7 hundred 70…”
Town manager Clark: [interrupting] No, that’s how much it’s up from last year. So it [the sewer enterprise account] went from $1.4 [million] to $1.7 [million].”
Thus, the sewer enterprise fund account stood last year at $1,375,425.
Crying that a critical need existed to bolster this account, the town administration pushed through an increase that has resulted in an increase of 28.9% in that account in one year.
The record of these additional “taxes” on Southbridge residents who receive town sewer and water services has been amply demonstrated by Mike Marketti.
What is it going to take for residents of Southbridge to realize the extent to which they are being played on so many issues?
If you love that dirty water, Boston is so yesterday. Southbridge, Ma, is the place to be today!


  1. Stephanie J DeMartinoJanuary 27, 2012 at 4:43 PM

    I still cannot afford my water/sewer bill. It's an outrage!

  2. If you don't like it, Stephanie, move!

  3. I can't believe that you and your Liberal wacko friends don't understand that Councilors Clemence, Nikolla, Livengood, Spinejelly, and Regis are the brightest bulbs we have in town, not like back in California where we had dimwitted Republicans. You dummies in Southbridge don't know how lucky you are to have tax and spend Republicans like these people to move our town forward. Stop your pissing and moaning about tax hikes, and paying more. As my hero Rush says, vote for Newt. and Denise, David, and SpinelessJelly.

  4. Cathy, as if it is easy to move in this age of underwater mortgages that cannot be paid off by selling your house.

    Maybe you don't understand the trapping effect of the current real-estate situation.

  5. So apparently Dennis is tired of blogging but not trolling.

  6. As usual, Mike, you make baseless assumptions and, like most Republicans, draw the wrong conclusions (although I do agree with the writer that you take your marching orders from Rush Limbaugh).

    The reason the SRTC is a failure lies with the person running it.

    And yes, Mikey, I'm tired of blogging, but I do love to comment on things. If you're incapable of understanding the difference, I'm sure Rushbo can explain it to you.

    As usual, not an original thought or comment from you, but I'm sure as you support your good friend Denise in the upcoming election, you'll once again show your true colors.

    At least I had the courage to run for office, not just run my mouth off. You say a lot, but do very little.

  7. The comment by Mr. Jaynes is very odd. If Sean Hannity stopped writing his books would you expect him to stop reading or commenting on others' books? If Stephen King stopped writing, would he stop reading? As I said, a very odd comment.


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