Sunday, September 28, 2014

More Confusion

Ken O’Brien

Despite Tuesday night’s announcement by Superintendent Gardner and yesterday’s article in The Worcester Telegram by Brian Lee, The O’Zone has received indications that MCAS retests were given.

The exchange in question went as follows:
Test Did Happen September 28, 2014 at 7:49 AM
To Thank you: I agree that I am excited Ms. Dargie will be back to help the kids tomorrow - they need her! Second, I was shocked when I saw the T&G yesterday so I hopped on here to see what's been happening since I took on a new job to get away from the politics - yikes! Third, glad I forwarded myself a few important emails... They are public record anyway but the proof is out there that the tests did happen... Maybe Amy will need them for the next unfortunate law suit that takes money away from the students. 

Ken O'Brien September 28, 2014 at 8:03 AM
I am at a loss that anyone would claim that the tests did not happen if they in fact did. Could you please explain this and provide some form of proof for your claims?

Test Did Happen September 28, 2014 at 8:28 AM
Sure Mr. O'Brien,
In November of 2013 the current seniors had 9 take ELA and 30 take math approximately which equated to the number in the T&G. Subsequently in March four of those 9 tried again at the ELA and 20 of the 30 tried again at the math. I do not know how many of those need to take it again this November. As for February Bio, the school tested 18 current seniors in 2/2014, some of them had to take the test again in June of 2014 when bio is given the second time. Bio is not a retest, it is a test scheduled twice a year due to schools on block scheduling. It is always offered in Feb. & June. All student scores are in state data systems, the students & school get a copy of the report for the cumulative record folder too.

I am unable at this time to access the Data Warehouse because, to the best of my knowledge, it requires an Administrator’s password to do so.

Can anyone confirm or disavow this information? Was your child one of the one’s eligible to be retested? Were they? 

In addition we have reports that Mr. Nembirkow’s contract has been terminated. Can anyone confirm this?


  1. You Want Transparency?September 28, 2014 at 10:53 AM

    Mr. O'Brien,
    You want confirmation from the most secretive school committee in recent history? They are proven frauds and liars. Yes, I hate the word liar, but they are.

    We'll have to wait until the News reports these issues. I strongly suggest you don't wait standing up, you'll get very tied.

    1. Somebody out there knows the truth. I hope that they will come forward and use their real name as well.

    2. The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth - Niver HappenSeptember 28, 2014 at 11:31 AM

      Mr. O'Brien, Are you implying that Ms. Gardner and the school committee weren't truthful Tuesday evening? Shocking!

    3. Just trying to get at the truth - it's amazing how difficult it can be!

    4. You would think (maybe that's the problem?!) - that if you were the Superintendent - or for that matter, anyone that was part of the 'team' that gathered the info for presentation to the SC and the public - on television, no less - would have done extensive fact checking before making the declarations and accusations that were made at the SC meeting Tuesday nite.
      Did they ask Ms. Hatch? - who should have known, but if she was not able to verify yea or nay - and access the results - then how about a quick phone call to Ms. Charron or Ms. Allen-Magnan?
      I find it hard to believe that (1) retests were not offered/given in a whole year or that (2) at least several people were aware if they were or weren't; Ms Gardner / Buzz / Ms Culligan / Ms Cooke - teachers & students; you would think that Ms Gardner & Co would have gone to the ends of the earth to verify their facts before bringing this public - even tho, by definition they should have been aware of everything that was going on w/MCAS (as well as everything else - credits etc) that was necessary for students to move forward towards graduation - and a real diploma.
      Are these 'girls' so intent on trying to make themselves look good by pointing out the errors of those they replaced no matter what the cost?? - and I don't mean just $$$.
      I (as many of us did) believed the comments made by Ms Gardner on Tuesday nite - bizarre and incredulous as they seemed - because I assumed (silly me!!) that she had done her due diligence and fact checking. This just seems like such a giant pissing contest - the 'adults' behaving more like children than the children. Wow, it's all about them - not the kids. What a sad state of affairs....

  2. Prescription for SuccessSeptember 28, 2014 at 11:27 AM

    Dear Principal Earls,
    The doctor has issued the following medication to prevent future cases of MCAS retest Alzheimer's:

    1.. Order the appropriate number of tests, during the prescribed time frame. Please see prior results for affected students;

    2. Prepare test administers with mandated instructional materials and training;

    3. Inform students and parents, prior to test dates;

    4. Verify student attendance on test day;

    5. Administer tests on prescribed test date, in appropriate test site;

    6. Collect the completed tests, box them up, have applicable signatures placed on forms and return to Testing Center via UPS;

    7. Sit back and wait for results;

    8. Review and share results with instructional personnel;

    9. Repeat treatment, as necessary.

    Please forward Blue Cross/Blue Shield card for appropriate billing.

  3. Put Ms. Dargie in charge! The poor woman probably wouldn't take the job! Thanks for coming back Ms. Dargie. Your my hero!

  4. Demand Gardner (self included) issue a 10% pay cut involving upper Administrative Staff. Surely, this will provide Southbridge with more than adequate funding affording the District the (3) addt'l teachers she so desperately wants/needs.

    1. There is plenty of staff to meet the needs of the students at that building. Class size need not be over 25, with occasional 27/28. The problem is the inability of the current staff to use the technology adequately. The IPass software package is quite effective for scheduling purposes, but it needs people to input proper data.

      This scheduling is a function of the guidance department and the principal - not the sharpest tools in the tool box. (as is evidenced by the "did we really forget to give MCAS retests for an entire school year?"

      No more money, no more excuses, no more failure. McLoughlin, and her crew need to resign immediately. Stop hurting our students and do the right thing - resign.

    2. Well Wizard ~ If all these things you say are TRUE, than the Southbridge School District has morphed into nothing more than a MONEY PIT.

  5. Assuming this anonymous poster knows what they are talking about, then what? This has got to be one of the biggest screw ups ever.
    Do any of the peole out there know what's going on, or is everybody who knows afraid to speak out?

  6. afraid. have a kid that is in 12th grade.

    1. Thanks for speaking out. I hope others join you.

  7. Wizzard – Ipass is a great system, but scheduling is not as easy as taking 500 students dividing by 25 and coming up with 20 sections of each subject.
    Ipass schedules Math and English first because they are MCAS subjects and many students must repeat a class or take an extra help MCAS class. Band, Chorus and other specialty classes only meet one time a day so those students must be scheduled for them. Then of course there are Advanced Placement, Special Ed and ELL students that have to be placed in the right classes. Since Social studies is a required course, but not an MCAS subject, it often falls to the bottom of the pile leaving 45 students who can only fit in that class at that period.

    1. Spectator, no one knows IPass better. These douche bags are clueless.

      The train is coming -

    2. Spectator, stay a spectator. The first class schedulled in a comprehensive high school is band, for obvious reasons

      You have scheduled anything, other a date with your wife.


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