Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Kristin Auclair Candidate For Town Council

My name is Kristen Auclair, and I am running for Town Council. 

Nearly 30 years ago, I was born at Harrington Memorial Hospital right here in town, and have called Southbridge home ever since.  I graduated Southbridge High School at one of the arguably worst times to graduate Southbridge High School in the top 10% of my class.  My daughter is currently at West St school, and I see her graduating from Southbridge High School as well.

I have for years listened to other residents speak of a hustling and bustling Main St, where Southbridge was the place to go on a Thursday night. I have listened to stories of the American Optical glory days, the trollies in town, cinemas, The Rez, the great Sesquicentennial celebration of 1966 and so much more in our rich history. 

I have on the other hand personally witnessed property values plummet, industry leave,  a regional landfill take complete fiscal control of this town, and a quality of life decline that is unprecedented in the local region.

Southbridge, MA Home Values

To be clear, this is not a piece of negativity.  It is about time that someone outline the problems areas of this town and works to find solutions.  Local office is no place for blinders and unwavering positivity.  Local office is a place to begin fixing what so many see as wrong. 

My platform is to bring business back to Southbridge through a series of short, medium and long term goals.  The biggest area of opportunity is to focus on grooming the incoming Economic Development  position to do more for local business than hand out checks for signs and awnings or write grants for affordable housing.  All of these things are necessary, but the Town of Southbridge is not realizing the full potential of this important position. 

The Economic Development commission has some very talented people with very big picture ideas, and those ideas are currently falling on deaf ears.  That needs to change. 

Goals in the short-term primarily focus on bringing business back to Main St.  Foster a business friendly climate and never EVER spend another dime of tax payer money on legal costs associated with stonewalling viable, positive and legal business ventures.  Gain a positive small business reputation, add more "destination spots," and continue the ongoing volunteer efforts of the Downtown Partnership and you'll have a walking Main St in the next 5 years.

There is no reason we can't add Southbridge to the Sturbridge/Northampton/Putnam tourism and destination circuit. 

The medium and long term goals focus on personnel training, and making an idea such as "the industrial park" something closer to a realistic venture. 

There is no direct need for an industrial park at the current time.  The surrounding areas are full of empty industrial space and Southbridge does not boast the most ideal infrastructure, employee base or any of the other factors a company may look at to relocate. 

We have the highest unemployment rate in the area.  High unemployment doesn't immediately translate into a skilled work force.  There are some training programs already in place in the local area and there are grants available for even more.  We can easily get behind that and raise the skill and level of education of the people in town. 

Once small business is seen as thriving, we have business looking to relocate, Main St is bustling, and this town boosts its reputation in the local region, people WILL want to call Southbridge home.  Your property values WILL go back up and in time the tax rate will begin to fall. 

I'll leave this with a little about myself.  My background is in Insurance and Restaurant Management with a focus on profit & loss and managing cost centers.  I currently sit as Treasurer for the Quinebaug Valley Council for the Arts and Humanities and am a member of the Central Mass South Chamber of Commerce.  I also have been a citizen member on the Education & Human Services subcommittee for the past year, and the Master Plan Implementation Subcommittee (although despite several inquiries, we have never actually met for a meeting).

In the past, I've sat as the Event Coordinator for the Central Mass South Chamber of Commerce Community Business Associates group, Education Coordinator for the Leicester chapter of Business Networking International, and a founding member of the Young Professional Network in the Worcester Regional Association of Realtors. 

I am a hard working woman and have been ever since my first paper route as a 12 year old girl, struggling my way up Hartwell Street in all 4 seasons.  I am excited for the opportunity to run for Town Council and humbly ask for the chance to be a part of the movement that galvanizes Southbridge into realizing our true potential.   Please, on June 30th vote for Kristen Auclair for Town Council.  


  1. New Faces Comfort UsJune 16, 2015 at 4:16 PM

    If you were to show the rates of real estate value decreases in Sturbridge, Charlton, & Dudley, your point would be even stronger. We decreased percentage-wise more than anyone.

    So far I like all of the Candidates presented in this forum except the Mayor from Connecticut. Good Luck to you and Mr. Sottile. A refreshing combination of mature youth and a youthful elderly Gent.

  2. I can't bring myself to vote for someone who doesn't believe in dinosaurs. Our town has
    been made fun of enough over the years and I fear a vote for her would bring more.

    1. The piece you are referring to was a work of satire. It’s people like you who can’t distinguish between reality and parody that make our town a laughingstock.

    2. PleaseNo, thanks for bringing this to our attention.

      There was a rumor being spread by one of the other women running that Kristen did not want to buy text books because she does not believe in dinosaurs or evolution. Just another lie, like the guaranteed factory the rumor rat assured us was coming six years ago.. I should have known better. It is awful how new candidates get bad mouthed by the old bats.

      One thing for sure, I won't be voting for the female opponent ( there is a male Candidate spreading these Dino rumors too, but I wasn't going to vote for the Republican hack anyway.) BC she needs to try to win by bad mouthing the new faces. I am surprised that she didn't try to bring back Mr. Clark.

      We need new faces. What has the short tempered two termer actually accomplished for the Town?

    3. Fresh Outlook on SouthbridgeJune 17, 2015 at 4:13 AM

      The wrinkle faced Denise Clemence is again trying her dirty tricks and obscuring her record of fiscal failure (how's that industrial park that you wasted our bonding on looking?). Thankfully, another "dinosaur"', Cathy Nikolla is no longer a consideration. Let's send Cathy's handmaiden on the same road out of Dodge. Best wishes to Ms. Auclair and the other new candidates. We need new, positive faces with new POSITIVE ideas!

  3. Wow, to all those wanting to get rid of Denise Clemence you have the right idea but the wrong candidate.
    Why rightly replace Clemence with someone who is either Bat Guano insane or capable of being such a troll as to stay in character and blow up Council meetings with more useless discourse. We still have my finger got the better of me Vecchia to deal with why support someone who just loves to argue as a hobby.

    1. Hello Either, Or,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post (or at least as evidenced, the comments)! The truth is, yes I enjoy writing satire. I also enjoy an entire host of other things: dancing, running, cooking... the list truly goes on and on.

      The one thing all of those activities have in common is that they don't belong in Council Chambers. So fear not, opinionated populous, if elected, I will not be breaking out a hotplate to sautee up some of my delicious specialties, and I also won't be engaged in any satire. ;-)

      I hope that cleared everything up. Back to the important issue...

      The General Government subcommittee meeting tonight voted no action on the proposal that will bring a $2.5 million leachate pre-treatment facility to the town of Southbridge. It still goes to council anyway.

      Monday night they vote to sign a contract that will include a sewer line up to the airport and the leachate pre treatment facility fronted by Southbridge through municipal bonds and paid back by Casella.

      The contract seems to lean in Casella's favor as the entire thing is putting the cart before the horse. We're signing a contract to expand the landfill and add a leachate pre-treatment facility to get Casella funding for a sewer line to the airport. All contingent on site assignment and approvals--but only after we begin construction. This also includes the assignment of 3 parcels of land to Casella, once inching even closer to the airport.

      Make sense?

      We need to find a solution for losing Casella royalties, we have free curbside pickup until 2027 no matter what. Leachate treatment shouldn't be the savior.

      I'll probably write a more eloquent piece on this in the coming days, but it is getting rather late. Be aware of what they're trying to rush through to the Council and have signed before the interim town manager leaves.

  4. Kristen, thank you for your response but quite honestly you worked too hard at being satirical to A: be believable that it wasn't satire, B : be trustworthy enough to know when your are being truthful or satirical.. Further the candidates I think we need to be elected are ones that can do more than just cook on a hotplate. They must be able and proven that they can manage an adult four burner stove, dual oven, prep side dishes and coordinate everything to come out hot and ready all at the same time with proper presentation (and without dinosaur print napkins.) Town business is multifaceted and not just landfill hotplate specialties. Keep working you might get there someday but someday just isn't today or tomorrow or this election day for me anyways.
    Good luck.

    1. Hi Either Or, you need to read beyond the comment section and satirical pieces you reference. Ms. Auclair has managed several corporate establishments and has extensive background in insurance as well. She has worked her whole life while raising a daughter. It's a shame that you A. Can't recognize (or appreciate the nuances of) satire B. Question someone's trustworthiness because you can't figure out when they're joking around. Furthermore, you suggest we should stay with the status quo? Clemence pushed using a bulk of Southbridge's bonding capability to turn our town into the largest dumping ground in Massachusetts and pay for a road to an industrial park that doesn't exist. Those are two of the worst decisions this town has ever made. Maybe if she had Ms. Auclair's work ethic or business background, she wouldn't have been so gullible when Casella came to town waving their false promises. Time to move on from the mistakes of the past and vote for smart candidates with the right kind of experience.

    2. Hello again Either, Or,

      I apologize that jokes are lost on you. I truly am sorry.

      I also understand that I won't be getting every single vote in Southbridge (assuming you even live here).

      I do, however, implore you to read my entire piece-- as I talked about much more than the landfill.

      There's a very real and very urgent item on the table being rushed through the current council and I took the latter part of my response to address it.

      Thank you again for your time.

    3. I see people calling what she says"satire", but this doesn't look or sound like "satire" to me... "Interview Of Kristen Auclair": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72M-f4BhCGQ

  5. So where did you get that I support Clemence in anything I've stated?

    I agree that it is"Time to move on from the mistakes of the past and vote for smart candidates with the right kind of experience."

    My opinion is that your candidate doesn't meet those requirements. I guess we agree to disagree. Have a nice day.

  6. What no one seems to understand is that until the Middle/High School improves and gets out from underperforming NO BUSINESSES or QUALITY people will come to Southbridge. Why doesn't anyone understand that???? That should be first and foremost on Council, School Committee the State and ALL residents! The hell with the landfill right now...we need to focus on bringing back respect.

    1. Only the school committee has jurisdiction over the schools. What is the rest of town government supposed to do while they deal with that issue, twiddle their thumbs?

  7. Hmmm she made a few videos regarding the denial of dinosaurs debating for some time with a palaeontologist, here they are. This woman in charge of public finance is a scary thing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZyIG_jZzBs

    1. Hmm. So, the argument against electing her is what? I ended up directed her from a site that tends to deal with the truly absurd people who actually "do" believe these sorts of things that she satires. There is even a running theme that says, "There is nothing you can come up with which is so ridiculous that someone out there isn't already making nearly the same identical argument that you intended to be a joke." By that logic, one should never elect *anyone* who even makes jokes, writes satire, or pokes fun at absurd notions - you can't, by your logic, trust that any of them are not serious. Sadly, the same logic must give rise to the equally absurd notion that the ones that you shouldn't ever trust, at all, over anything, should be given the benefit of the doubt, after all, "They might be merely being satirical."

      Ah, what a stupid world to live in, where one would deny someone who admits they make fun of the absurd, because you can't tell if they are making it up, in favor of someone who blatantly, it seems, ignores reality, to push their own pet projects, absurd ideas, and betrays the public trust, but.. "is at least not confusing to me." lol

  8. Kristin Auclair - Exactly WHAT do you believe having messed with peoples heads with your piece of "satire". Are you a creationist or do you stand by the reality that is evolution?

  9. May I say I think Kristin is great! Perhaps the world isn't ready for her yet though......... Her mischievous sense of humor is getting her into trouble, which is a shame, as I wish more public servants and politicians would take themselves a little less seriously. Kristin, if I lived in Southbridge, I'd vote for you like a shot.

  10. At no point did I consider that dinosaur peice to be a satire. Now, i do know what one is, having studied Moliere, dipped into Juvenal, Gullivers Travels and so on. I also read the excellent Onion. Now i tend towards seeing her as a very attractive liar. Still, so what? She could still do the job., Creationist or no. But liars are irritating, especially Christian liars, if we can assume that.

  11. https://www.reddit.com/r/atheism/comments/2wibb6/kristen_auclair_that_lady_yes_that_lady_from/ "Satire"

  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72M-f4BhCGQ


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