Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Southbridge Pop Warner Official Defends Team (Video)

Rob Philion
Rob Philion, Vice-President of Southbridge Pop Warner, appeared on New England Cable News Network defending the actions of the Southbridge team and its coaches in a recent controversy.

The issue stems from a game played last month between the Pop Warner teams from Southbridge and Sturbridge.

During that game five Sturbridge players were diagnosed with concussions. The game resulted in the suspension of coaches Erik Iller and Scott Lazo, probation for the two local league Presidents (Iller’s wife and Lazo’s brother), and the termination and permanent ban against the three individuals officiating the game.

Lazo has since announced that he is appealing his suspension to the state body that handed down the initial decision.

The NECN video of Mr. Philion’s statement follows:


  1. The official stats page on the CMPWFL website supports the 34-0 score as Southbridge claims.

    It also points out that the league has far too many mismatches occurring given the number of lopsided shutouts. This creates injury situations and favors stronger football towns. Allowing Unfair mismatching of opponents sounds pretty political to me. The league needs to do a better job of scheduling and assigning teams to divisions to create parity within its divisions.

  2. Player, Coach and ParentOctober 25, 2012 at 7:11 AM

    Ken I have known Scott Lazo for most of my adult life and I believe you have also. I have been around during his football practices and games. Most of the time seeing his appalling coaching and style. Over the years there has been continuing complaints about this style and the language that he uses. When complaints were made the child involved was gone from the team by choice or by force. He instilled fear in his players and they were taught to be aggressor. There is no such thing as losing the game. We have seen how he is during his political career. We have all seen what his angry brings when he loses. This has been his style for all of his life. He hate being on the losing team and watch out when that happens. Its time for him to fade away. Its time for him to sit back and smell the coffee. The town should be outraged by the continuing actions that this man does. Hopefully Pop Warner does re open the case and take a harder stand to prevent him from coaching the rest of his life.

  3. It is ashame the keep using the SCHOOL's background. This has nothing to do with Southbridge High School and all interviews should be done in a neutral area. Unfortunately, other teams are now going to be looking at the SHS football team (as well as other sports) in a different light. Maybe the Town should stop giving permission to Pop Warner from using their fields!

  4. Sick and tired of the fact that Sturbridge (Tantasqua) but not Southbridge, can accept responsibility for what happened. My sons will never play in this town, as they are tough enough at 8 and 9 to own up to their errors, and way too tough for a bunch of guys that just don't get it--and apparently never will. Accept the decision, and move on with life. No one person is that key to any recreation sport, and the appearance of not being able to own up to the fact that one could have said something is telling. With five kids on the sideline sitting with their equipment off, what did Southbridge think was going on? Nap time? No, but Southbridge Pop Warner did sleep through the obvious. No amount of SPW apologists can remedy that. But they are fun to listen to as they try, and fail, to defend this nonsense. Southbridge just keeps adding more fuel to every fire, which is why this just won't end.

  5. To those who witnessed and enabled this all these years -
    " I have been around during his football practices and games. Most of the time seeing his appalling coaching and style. Over the years there has been continuing complaints about this style and the language that he uses. "

    Shame on you for not doing more to put an end to this appalling coaching and style."

  6. he coaches like don marino thats where he gets it from think about it Thats if your a southbridge native and remember, Marino was tough as nails with his players I know i played for him Im not saying its right but thats the way footballwas taught in this town. And ya its all about winning i hated to loose who does!


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