Friday, October 19, 2012

Warren Gaining Momentum

Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren has built a 9-point lead over Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) in the Massachusetts Senate race, a poll released Wednesday shows.

The latest survey from Public Policy Polling (PPP) shows Warren leading Brown among likely Bay State voters 53 percent to 44 percent.  That's Warren's largest lead in PPP's polling and also a 3-point bounce from a week ago.  Last week, PPP showed the Harvard law professor holding a 6-point lead over Brown.   

Equally disconcerting for the Republican incumbent is his declining approval rating.   Massachusetts voters are split when it comes to Brown's job performance in Wednesday's poll, with 46 percent approving and 45 percent disapproving.  In last week's poll, 49 percent approved of Brown's job performance, while 42 percent disapproved.

This comes on the heels of recent additional bad news for the Brown campaign.

First was his need to apologize for implying that a recent Warren ad addressing the issue of her role in a lawsuit on behalf of asbestos victims might have used paid actors.

Second was criticism leveled at him by a leading veteran’s activist about exaggerating his time in Afghanistan as a member of the Massachusetts National Guard.

Locally, Minnesota Senator Al Franken will be present in Southbridge tomorrow, October 20, to kick off a phone bank and canvassing effort on behalf of Elizabeth Warren.


  1. Hi Ken.

    I am confused. How come Warren is the candidate for the Dems, and Scott is the candidate for the Repubs? She is this rich lawyer who has defended evil corporations, and he is this regular Schmo (sp?) who drives an old truck. She talks about sticking up for the working stiffs, and he is one.

    Like I said, I am confused.

    It happens in politics. You had the "small government is good government" conservative President Reagan, who in spite of his feelings managed to jack up the federal debt to unprecedented levels, and on the other hand you had the "I care about your feelings" liberal President Clinton, who not only conducted warfare with 0 ground troop casualties, but somehow actually ran a balanced federal budget as well. I mean really, the lip-biting, Boznia bombing, tightfisted democrat - who could predict such a confluence?

    But I digress. Ken, in the upcoming election, the race for Senator is probably the one I am most intersted in, simply because I like the way Scott Brown has conducted himself. It really has not much to do with his party. I myself have crossed party lines in the past, when I voted for Ted Kennedy over Mitt Romney for instance, but in this race, I personally sense that she is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Ken, you are a liberal, and Al Franken is a liberal, but she is a pretender, at least in my opinion. I think her gift is presenting a spirited argument for whatever platform benefits her, and is not particularly grounded in any core belief. On the other hand, I think Scott Brown has core beliefs that have nothing to do with political gain, and that is why I am voting for him.

    Ken, thanks for hosting this blog and allowing me to write on it. Hope you have a swell Sunday. I think neocons and liberal pinkos all throughout New England can agree that there is a fun football game coming up at 4 o'clock, when our Pats play the Jets.

    Thanks again.

  2. And on another liberal note, George McGovern just passed away. Maybe Massachusetts was right to vote for him.....

    RIP to a great American.


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