Saturday, April 14, 2012

Poll Results on Southbridge High Principal: A Tossup

Ken O’Brien

After a week of input, 259 votes cast and more vituperative comments than a lifetime of Don Rickles’ and Joan Rivers’ performances combined, the results are in.

And the results are as definitive, and rewarding, as either the Soviet or American experiences in Afghanistan.

With a difference of only 13 votes out of the 259 cast, the opinion that the current SHS principal should stay came out on top by a statistically insignificant 5%.

I could go on at length as to why the difference is statistically meaningless. However, after a week of culling out or editing comments that would embarrass a patient with Tourette’s Syndrome, as well as seeing patterns of voting that would necessitate a team of U.N. observers to moderate, I am thoroughly disgusted.

All things considered, we’d probably be better off turning supervision of the Southbridge school system over to the students.

My prediction; I’ll end up being the villain in this black comedy.


  1. put that in your blood pressure cuff and smoke itApril 14, 2012 at 1:30 AM

    Ken, this was probably one of the best blog issues for this community. While troublesome to conduct it now has people's eye on the school system for the first time in a long time.

    Any time the public reacts negatively to the powers to be - the powers to be fight back to stay in power.
    In this case they misused power with the Jacobson case and then tried to cover it up winding up in arbitration. (BTW zero for the last three = wasted tax dollars)

    The survey was a landslide for him to go until I presume time on learning was circumvented to keep up pompous appearances. The real survey will be when this new school is opened and school choice increases mostly due to the occupier of the principals office. You can build it they aren't going to come

    1. "BTW zero for the last three = wasted tax dollars"

      What were the other two?

    2. Now we have Martina Shea who used be the teacher's union rep taking out papers to run for school committee. This could even get more nasty.

    3. No. This is not nasty. It's called giving the voters (and taxpayers) a choice! People are always complaining that no one wants to be involved in local affairs. Let's not judge the motive, although after reading the blogs on Mr. Ely, Mr. Jacobson, and Mr. Bishop one can see the need to "clear the air" on the current school committee.
      God forbid we have an experienced educator on the school board! But wait... she "used to be the teacher's union rep"... Sorry excuse for the current SC that violated a mutually agreed upon contract with the SEA. Don't blame the teachers' union. It did its job to follow and defend the contract.

  2. Just make sure everyone keeps their eye on who "put that in your blood pressure cuff and smoke it" and Anonymous are referring to as the powers that be.

    They are Eric Ely, Christopher Clark, David Williams, Cathy Nikolla, and Denise Clemence. Eric Ely has gone rogue just as he did in the other school systems he worked in. He's thrown his hat in lock stock and barrel with this current repressive regime.

    So has Dave Williams the Teachers Union President. Why else would he be appointed to two Governmental bodies? This is nothing more than political patronage by appointed officials. Dave Williams on the Board of Health where he and Town Manager Chris Clark can "trade favors". I ask any reasonable citizen, do you think it is right that the Teachers Union President who is an employee of the Town of Southbridge be on the Board of Health, a quasijudicial regulatory body?

    Thank God for Dr. O'Leary, Tanya Dominko, Scott Lazo, and Jack Jovan. The school committee under their tenure and Jack's leadership brought a $3,000,000 deficit and under performing school system created by Lisa Tarantino and Mary Ellen Prencipe back into balance and on the rails.

    All of this twist and turn political trash against the current school committee leadership was created by Mary Ellen, a very close friend of Al "the rotten apple, Vecchia, and David Digregorio, the brother of the current Town Council Chair Queen Catherine (Digregorio) Nikolla.

    We need to make sure Jack Jovan is re-elected and keep anyone aligned with or supported by Mary Ellen Prencipe, Nikolla, Clemence, Dave Williams off the school committee.

    1. Concerned Parent is absolutely correct. There is an unholy alliance among the school committee minority, the town council majority and the town management to consolidate power at the expense of the public and to the benefit of the town employees and the bloated town bureaucracy.

    2. "Any time the public reacts negatively to the powers to be - the powers to be fight back to stay in power. "

      these two responses to that so far prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that what "put that in your blood pressure cuff and smoke it" said is true.

      The Flab 4 are reacting like cornered animals and will attack anyone who tries to get any closer or shine some light on the current level of leadership corruption.

      Spin away the truth is easier to see than you think. JJ SL TO TD BB the truth will finally set Southbridge free!

  3. Ken, I thought you were pretty close to Mary Ellen. How do you explain that? Or have you severed that relationship? What a shame that "Concerned Parent" has it totally backwards. I do agree with "build it and they won't come" though. A new building is not going to save this school system,unless they do a major house-cleaning along with it.


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