Saturday, May 5, 2012

Southbridge Town Council Agenda - May 7, 2012

MAY 7, 2012 – Immediately following the Planning & Development Subcommittee Meeting

1. Pledge of Allegiance

2. Roll Call

3. Consider and accept the Council Minutes of Monday, April 23, 2012 Meeting

4. Subcommittee Reports:
(a) General Government
(b) D.P.W.
(c) Education and Human Services
(d) Planning and Development
(e) Protection of Persons and Property

5. Chairwoman’s Announcements

6. Town Manager’s Announcements

7. Swearing In / Presentation
a) Presentation: Tasse’s / Alcoma Realty Trust – Jeff Tasse

8. Citizens Forum

9. Vote to ratify Change Order No.4 in the amount of $46,417.00 revised total as requested by Consigli Construction and recommended by Joslin, Lesser & Associates for the Middle/High School Project.

10. Vote to ratify the proposal of GBE Technologies of East Providence, RI in an amount not to exceed $336,540.00 for the installation of Telephony LAN Technology in the new Middle/High School.

11. Vote to amend the Southbridge Zoning map by expanding the Light Industry Zone at the intersection of Pleasant, Walcott and River Streets by re-zoning property currently zoned Two-Family Residential to Light Industry, as recommended by the Southbridge Planning Board. The property is located at 114 Pleasant Street, Assessors’ Map 31, Lot 39.
                                                                                        Second Reading

12. `Vote to amend the Southbridge Zoning map by expanding the General Business Zone along Main Street near the intersection of Main and Marcy Streets by re-zoning two properties currently zoned Two-Family Residential to General Business, as recommended by the Southbridge Planning  Board. The properties are 80 Marcy Street and the adjoining parking lot, Assessors’ Map 35, Lots 108 and 109.
                                                                                      Second Reading

13. Vote to submit the following proposed amendment to the Southbridge Zoning Bylaw to the Planning Board/SPGA and request that they receive public comment in compliance with MGL CH40, §5:
Amend §502 of the Southbridge Zoning Bylaws to allow raising and keeping of household chickens:
By Permit from the Board of Health,
In Single Family Zones only,
On Lots of at Least ¾ Acre in Size,
With Chickens Kept at Least 25 Feet from Adjacent Lots,
For a Maximum of Six Adult Hens and a Maximum of Twelve Chickens in Total Per Property,
With Appropriate Housing for Every Season,
Enforced by the Animal Control Officer,
With No Roosters Allowed, and
With Fenced Area for all chickens

14. Vote to recommend that the Planning Board/SPGA hear and consider special permits for up to four property owners of lots under five acres, in single family zones only, to raise and keep household chickens on a trial basis. The Planning Board/SPGA should consider the following when placing conditions on the special permits, but may include additional conditions as needed:
Permitting from the Board of Health,
Lot size,
Space from adjacent lots,
Maximum adult hens and maximum total chickens per property,
Appropriate housing,
Enforcement of the bylaw,
No roosters allowed, and
Fencing requirements

15. Vote to accept the Layout of Commercial Drive as a public way and to refer to the Planning Board for non-binding recommendation.

16. Councilors Forum

17. Discussion of next meeting date – Monday, May 21, 2012 immediately following 6:30 PM FY2013 Budget Meeting in Council Chambers, Town Hall.

18. Adjournment


  1. Immediately following the Planning & Development Subcommittee Meeting
    What the hell is that?
    Are we supposed to guess how long a subcommittee meeting will last?
    Why is the meeting of the town council after it?
    Does this comply with The Open Meeting Law?

    1. aka


      I think it’s called crunching the numbers (e.i.) $$$/Sub-Committee Meetings. After all; the town elections are just around the corner.

      It must be Councilor's Livengood's turn to reveal what's behind Showcase Door #3.

  2. CHICKENS? Did you see today's T&G coverage of last night's council meeting? CHICKENS.

    BTW, what happened during councilors' forum?


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