Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Southbridge, Does This Smell Fishy To You?

David Livengood
Tomorrow’s Southbridge News will carry an article by Gus Steeves titled, “First industrial park lot sold in Southbridge."

The article will say, in part:

SOUTHBRIDGE — After being on the market for months, the first parcel has been snapped up in what the town has designated to become the Southbridge Technology and Environment Park on Commercial Drive.

According to Town Manager Chris Clark, Oxford-based Mid-State Welding bought three of the nine available lots, approximately four acres in total, for $107,000. But because the state did the feasibility study there, the town is paying for that out of the proceeds, meaning Southbridge is netting $26,000 less. Income from future sales, however, will go entirely to the town. 

"His bid was just above the minimum," Clark said, noting the town arranged it so a bidder could buy the whole area for $240,000 or any subsection of it. In this case, Mid-State bought about a third.

"His bid was just above the minimum,…" Hmmm. I can’t help but wonder if this whole deal had anything to do with the fact that one of the employees for Mid State Welding is former Southbridge town councilor David Livengood. Interestingly, he did not seek a third term on the council in the last town election.

As Livengood states on his Linked In profile, “I have worked hard to achieve the positions [sic] that I have and plan on advancing even more. I have served my community by sitting on their Conservation Commission, Served 2 terms as a Town Councilor, and currently am a Representative to the Central Massachusetts Regional planning Commission, I also am President of the Southbridge Optimist Club.”

He goes on to describe his current employment as:
October 2006 – Present (6 years)
Estimate & Bid projects
Work with Contractors to win bids
Perform project managing & detailing
Purchase Materials
Issue project billing

Now, maybe I’m just suspicious by nature, but I’m inclined to think that something about this, given that Mr. Livengood chaired the subcommittee on Planning and Development for a number of years, just doesn’t smell right.

What are your thoughts?


  1. What do you want to bet that they'll get a TIFF too?

  2. This could be good news for the town IF the company employs a good number of people and IF the company pays them good wages and provides benefits. A hill filled with warehouses wont help the town very much. Let's hope for the best.

    1. Rich:
      I'm inclined to think that you are falling into the trap of believing in hope over experience.

    2. Could be. It wouldn't be the first time I walked into a wall.

  3. Wow, what a Bargain Price! This deal could be even sweeter if the Purchase & Sales Agreement included a Real Estate Tax Exemption Clause.

    Guess they'll be blasting soon.

  4. Hey did anyone hear about a Southbridge Cop Car and a State Police Car crashing into each other over the weekend or is this just another rumor going around in Southbridge

    1. It's true. There was an article in today' T&G.

    2. Looks like super trooper Iozzo needs to pay more attention to what he's doing. I doubt it's the last incident he will be involved with though-just ask the towns post office.

  5. I guess more money will have to be put aside to replace the vehicle?


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